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"Genius has no country. It blossoms everywhere. 
"Genius is like the light, the air. It is the heritage of all." 
                                                                 -- Jose P. Rizal


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How has your ADSI Training helped you? Kindly share your thoughts. Thanks!  :)

Quotes I am a Filipino, the Great Maharlikan, the Pride of the Malay Race! I am proud to be one! Thank you ADSI for helping the Filipino People. Now I truly believe that this nation will rise again. That our people will have hope and will succeed. It is now time to end suffering, poverty and ill-health in our country and in the whole world. May we always practice the "Ten Most Powerful Techniques" of ADSI. Thanks ;) Quotes

Quotes Thank you sa ADSI, naging productive ako sa work - it helps me to become energetic and more happy. Its free and very benificial- TRY NYO for you to know. Pinaka gusto ko technique ang Pentagram, kahit konti tulog --ready and on the go ka parin. Quotes

Quotes As a child, I had hopes of making all my dreams a reality. It is as if I had always believed deep inside that somewhere in the world there would be that one place where my awesome and amazing dreams and reality met and are one and the same. A good friend introduced the ADSI exercises to me. As a counselor, I talk to about more than a dozen kids in the counseling room per day. It usually tires me out but after heart radiation, it seems that I feel connected to them and instead of tiring me out it goes on a reverse path. They get into a good mood and eventually without much talk, they just realize what they need to do. Once I learned the 8pm heart radiation, it was simply amazing. Actually, that "amazing" word is an understatement because though I really didn't know what was happening I felt that something in me was waking up. Thank you. Quotes