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The Power of Our Hearts as Proven by Science

"I believe that the quality of relationship you have with yourself and the people around you effects the world more than we choose to recognize. If we choose to communicate consciously and with compassion we would change the world we live in." ~ Karla Dombroski ♥ - From Miriam Delicado's book, Blue Star Fufilling Prophecy There is a lot of scientific study that is only beginning to grasp what many ancient wisdoms from Vedic knowledge to Native Americans already understood. Exploring the role of our physical heart in human performance, the research at the IHM (Institute of HeartMath) suggests that the heart's field is very important in the carrying of information. Created in 1991 in Boulder Creek, California IHM is an innovative nonprofit 501 (c) (3) research and education organization. Research at the IHM confirms that the heart's electromagnetic field is by far the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the human body, even more so than the brain. The heart's electromagnetic field envelops every cell of the body and also extends out in all directions into the space around us. The cardiac field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive devices. Studies have shown that heart-brain interactions can occur from one individual to another: one person's heart can communicate with another person's heart. This is proving that there is interconnectedness to our hearts with the hearts of others without the need for verbal communication, or the need for physical closeness. One may say that this is the "Universal Language" that connects us all, the language and frequency of our heart.

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