Did you know that many scientists and researchers today, along with neurocardiologists, believe that the heart, which maintains a constant two-way dialogue and relationship involving many processes with the brain, contains a brain in its own right.

  The heart and brain actually influence one another’s functioning, and though not commonly known, the heart sends a great deal more information to the brain than the other way around. The information it sends includes heart signals that can influence a person’s perception, emotional experience and higher cognitive functions.

This heart brain, according to the research, “is an intricate network of several types of neurons, neurotransmitters, proteins and support cells like those found in the brain proper. Its elaborate circuitry enables it to act independently of the cranial brain – to learn, remember, and even feel and sense.”

More recently still, it was discovered that the heart also secretes oxytocin, commonly referred to as the “love” or “bonding hormone.” The heart was reclassified as an endocrine or hormonal gland, when in 1983 a hormone produced and released by the heart called atrial natriuretic factor (ANF) was isolated.  This hormone exerts its effects widely: on the blood vessels themselves, on the kidneys and the adrenal glands and on a large number of regulatory regions in the brain.  capable of secreting oxytocin, considered a love or bonding hormone.

One of the most important discoveries the researchers made in relation to the heart brain, which they also call the intelligent heart, is that “intentionally altering one’s emotional state through heart focusing techniques modifies ascending neurological input from the heart to the brain.” This suggests that “as people experience sincere positive feeling states, in which the heart’s rhythms become more coherent, the changed information flow from the heart to the brain may act to modify cortical function and influence performance. These findings may also help explain the significant shifts in perception, increased mental clarity and heightened intuitive awareness.


Energy follows thought. Where your thought is, there energy follows. In this technique, you focus on your heart. This mental focus energizes the heart. In the process, you magnetize all the blood that flows through it. Magnetized blood increases the immune system from the tip of your toe to the tip of your hair.

The heart has its own electromagnetic field which is bigger than the electromagnetic field of the human brain. This electromagnetic field is a potent force in influencing other people. A person performing heart exercise becomes charismatic. His presence is enough to bring about consensus to his favor.


Energy follows thought. Where your thought is, there energy follows. In this technique, you focus on your heart. This mental focus energizes the heart. In the process, you magnetize all the blood that flows through it. Magnetized blood increases the immune system from the tip of your toe to the tip ofr hair.e technique is to make your emotions participate in your meditation. Keep in mind the acronym J-V-P-L-K which stands for Joy, Vitality, Peace, Love and Kindness.

First, close your eyes. You may sit in any manner that is comfortable to you. Inhale three deep breaths, retaining each one for about 12 seconds before slowly exhaling. This is done to help you relax.

Focus all your attention on your heart center. To pinpoint its location, place your left fist against the center of your chest. This is where the heart is. It is also as big as your left fist. It is encased in a sac (the pericardial sac), with liquid around it.

Feel the beatings of your heart. Feel your heart to be the center of your being, to be the center of the entire universe. Visualize your heart surrounded with a fluid inside the pericardial sac. Visualize all three—the heart, the fluid and the pericardial sac—to glow like a brilliant ball of scintillating white light. Feel JVPLK—Joy, Vitality, Peace, Love, and Kindness as you focus on your heart. Energize your visualized ball of white light by feeling these positive attributes.

To keep your focus, feel that you’re continuously diving deep into your heart without interruption slowly but persistently, as though you are diving into an endless abyss. Do this for the duration of your heart exercise. Let your heart vibrate with the intensity of the white light. The idea is to keep your steady focus. You must lose consciousness of lingering thoughts and awareness of your body.

 Afterwards, forget about emoting and visualizing. Empty your mind of all thoughts. Focus a somewhat passive attention on the very center of your heart, and simply listen to or be aware of its beating. Stay in this state for 3 minutes.

Then, you may now open your eyes.


You may do this exercise once a day, either at dawn, twilight or midnight. If you can do it twice, it will be to your own advantage. You may gradually prolong this heart exercise after each month such that it lasts a total of about fifteen minutes per session, and then later, up to thirty minutes.

As you practice this technique, your daily life will be bathed in a bio-energy field of protection and benediction. Later, you will literally experience the phrase, “Peace that passeth human understanding.”


The heart is surrounded by the pericardial sac containing fluid. This exercise energizes the fluid within the pericardial sac. When activated, this awakens the sense of empathy, kindness, devotion and compassion in the person. Also, an obsessive drive for learning and understanding is kindled. 

The absence in the production of oxytocin is considered a psychopathic condition. To prevent this, the heart may be stimulated to secrete oxytocin by performing the Heart Exercise. This technique helps improve and boost one’s immune system; makes the heart healthy and robust; develops health and vitality since blood pumped by the heart is energized and purified by this exercise, and energized, purified blood is circulated to the different parts of the body; awakens genuine love and compassion; develops personal magnetism; attracts prosperity; used for attuning with the inner self, attaining peace of mind, and overcoming stress and worries.

  When you make this your daily practice, you are entering a new horizon of consciousness. You are entering an experience beyond the comprehension of words. You will grow an awareness that connects solutions to problems, that opens opportunities in difficult situations, and that creates daily miracles in your life.