Practice of Kindness

Kindness—this is the most powerful technique! Science has proven that persons who intensely think and emote kindness have their whole brain flooded with gamma waves which is proof of having a genius and high form of consciousness. The presence of gamma brain waves also proves that a person is mentally and spiritually mature. This was evident in the brain waves of Tibetan monks who radiated thoughts and feelings of loving-kindness and had their whole brain filled with these powerful gamma waves that can only be seen from geniuses and high spiritual beings. Just do your research on the effects of kindness on health and consciousness for additional information.

You will notice that kind persons are appreciated and respected by others. People feel security and peace in their presence. They exude an aura of goodness that they earn people’s trust easily. Thus, a kind person leads a life of success and auspiciousness. Through kind thoughts, emotions and especially acts of kindness, a feeling of peace and joy arises in a person, calming one’s nerves and giving one perfect health. Just recall your memories of your own acts of kindness like when you gave a seat in a bus to an elderly or when you have helped somebody who is suffering. Recall that feeling. It is called Grace of God.

A person who is kind exudes vibrations of love and compassion thus making him a person of wisdom. Therefore, practice this technique regularly and daily find opportunities to do acts of kindness, and you will be blessed not only with material prosperity, but you will also become a highly cultured and spiritual person that is very much cherished by humanity.