We know from traditional Chinese medicine that we are sick when there is an imbalance in the proportion of positive and negative energy in the body. The source of positive energy is the sun and the air around us. The source of negative energy is the ground, all the fruits of the earth, food, water and rest. Both forms of energy are a necessity in order for life to exist.  If one of these energy sources should vanish, then we would not be able to continue our physical life. The human body needs both positive and negative energy in order to function and in some cases, it malfunctions because of the lack or imbalance of these two.  This lack or imbalance can be caused by a variety of factors like stress, inharmonious thinking patterns, and a self-abusive lifestyle.  It’s the same way an automobile or any machine is misused; it eventually wears down and falls apart unless the necessary measures to repair it are taken.  And indeed, man has so many ways to wear down his machine and make it fall apart.

The illustration below shows the postures for health and the ratio of the time:

This technique is done to accumulate energy in the body.  It positions the body in two forms. The first form is used to acquire positive energy, and the second form is used to acquire negative energy.  The term negative energy is not used to denote anything that is opposite to any concept of goodness or righteousness but more refers to one of two opposing poles or polarities like battery in order to conduct electricity. 


To perform Pentagram, you have to stand up and separate your feet. The distance of your two feet is the width of your shoulder. Then extend your hands sideways with the palm facing the ground. This position enables you to absorb positive energy from the surrounding. Perform this for three minutes. After three minutes, put your feet together with heels touching and toes outward, and clasp your hands above your head. Perform the second position for five minutes. This position enables you to absorb negative energy from the surrounding. This exercise must be done, once or twice a day for seven days.

Perform the above 3:5 ratio for 1 week. Then for the 2nd week, increase to 6 minutes positive, and 10 minutes negative (6:10). After another seven days, increase the dosage further to 9 minutes positive, and 15 minutes negative (9:15). The whole scheme is shown in the diagram above.

When you are able to reach an 18:30 ratio, perform it for 40 days. You need to get your body acclimated to the absorption of greater amount of energies, and 40 days is the length of time for the subconscious mind to get accustomed to these greater energies. After the 40-day cycle, continuously practice the Pentagram technique and it would open vast opportunities and positive changes in your life


Pentagram technique is designed to accumulate energy from the environment. for health, vitality, material prosperity & personal magnetism. To acquire direct energy when one or more of the natural elements (sun, clean air, water, food) are absent.

a. secret technique of pharaohs, emperors, and kings used to expand one’s bio-energy field and accumulate energy for health, vitality, prosperity, and magnetic personality;

b. used to stimulate blood circulation and energy flow throughout the body, and counter energy blocks causing disease and aging.

c. secret of the X-factor: Magnetic personality, charisma, attractiveness or “malakas ang dating” results from an enlarged bio-energy field which people can sense even if they may not see it. With an expanded energy body, one will surely attract the right opportunities into his life.

Scientific validation: The subtle bio-energy field has been detected and even photographed by scientific devices and procedures, and a correlation has been established between positive states of health and emotions and an enlarged bio-energy field.

Specific examples of practical applications: For example, strong personal magnetism will help a person to be more persuasive and attractive; thus it would give him/her an advantage in making a presentation, engaging in sales and marketing, running for an elective position, applying for a job, requesting a favor, money-matters, etc.