This is one of the most important techniques and it should never be taken lightly.  Before we ever become aware of greater and higher things, we must first become aware of our own bodies.  Our body is our link and our tool to be used in this physical world and we must learn how to use it wisely the same way a carpenter must learn how to use his hammer well, or a swordsman with his sword, or better yet a race car driver with his car.  In becoming adept in the use of our bodies, we open many doors as we awaken its potential.

Some disciplines like the martial arts teach about control of our bodies and the union of mind and body. The pore breathing exercise is much more superior to martial arts because it utilizes our mind to further expand and intensify our consciousness of our body.  Our thinking and feeling is not only confined to our heads but our hands and feet well.  As more cells of our body become infused with consciousness, the stronger our will, focus, and sensitivity becomes.


One round of pore breathing exercise takes about 30 minutes. It is done by closing your eyes and focusing at one part of the body at a time. You may get an anatomical chart as reference like the one below:


   First, focus on your left foot, from the bones, muscles, veins, up to the surface of the skin. Then feel on your left foot Joy, Vitality, Peace, Love, and Kindness. Then inhale all the energy in the universe. Retain your breathe for 7 counts. Then exhale slowly into your left foot.

Now do the same procedure on your right foot. Perform the procedure as you did on the left foot. Do the same on all parts of the body by following the suggested sequence: left legs, right legs, left knee, right knee, left thigh, right thigh, hips, reproductive organ, large and small intestines, stomach and pancreas, left kidney, right kidney, spleen, liver and gall bladder, heart, thymus gland, left lung & ribs, right lung and ribs, left hand, right hand, left forearm, right forearm, left arm, right arm, left shoulder, right shoulder, the whole neck area, jaw & the lips & the teeth & the tongue & the palate, left cheek & left eye & left ear, right cheek & right eye & right ear, the brain, the skull, the forehead & the scalp, hair.


To energize, regenerate, and rejuvenate the different body parts up to the cellular level, and revitalize the whole being, thereby making one’s body healthy and youthful, strong, vivified, and highly resistant to all sorts of diseases; and to awaken inner sensitivity. 

  To awaken brain cells that are not normally used by others.  Most people only use about five percent of their brains.  Some rare geniuses don’t even exceed ten percent.  The constant practice of this exercise results to excellent health, the level of health needed to become an achiever. 

Contrary to popular belief, it is not just our nose that does the breathing, but the entire body. The average human beings are aware only of the one kind of respiration, which is breathing through the nostrils. But this breathing constitutes only 10% of our potential capacity for respiration. The other 90% can be done through the pores of our body. If one learns this capacity to respirate through our bodily pores, then one can increase physical vitality. This minimizes, if not eliminate, the occurence of common ailments.

You can prove this by putting on rubber gloves. After a couple of hours, you can remove them and observe that your hands have become pale.

The pore breathing exercise trains us to greater absorb the needed life force in our atmosphere the same way our nose inhales life sustaining air. It enables every organ of the body to function longer and more efficiently.