The most powerful practice of the Presence of God at least 12 times a day that lasts only for 1 to 2 seconds each.

  1. The Practice of Thank You God

Do this technique on these following times:

  1. Upon awakening in the morning, pray and thank God you are alive again and seek guidance for all your activities for the day.
  2. Before sleeping, thank God for the experiences, lessons and blessings of the day and surrender to God in your sleep that you will be protected.
  3. Before eating, thank God for the food you receive and ask Him that you may be His instrument in Giving and Charity.
  4. Whenever you receive a blessing, like every time you get your salary, thank God again for 2 seconds; and with every other benefit you receive, thank God for 2 seconds.
  1. The I Love You Technique

For many times during the day, for 1 to 2 seconds again, say to God from the bottom of your heart and soul, “I love you O Lord, I love you O Lord, I love you O Lord!”

  1. Whenever you are in nature or when you see plants, trees, birds flying in the sky or when you are in the beach or in a forest or park, for 2 seconds again, remember God in appreciation of His beautiful creation.
  1. Remember God, if you have time, in your prayers and meditations. Prayer is a direct communion with God.


Do the above techniques always with heartfelt devotion to God in humility and sincerity and you will always be protected from many diseases, dangers, and calamities, from wars and sudden and accidental death. God is almighty. He always protects and bless His devotees that they live a life of auspiciousness.